June 2019

June 2019

Oh my, it has been a very long time since I have posted any recipes. I take the photos, share them on Instagram, but then stop the creativity train there. Matt told me it doesn’t have to be perfect, and that kind of released me from the blog paralysis…well sort of. If I could only talk in pictures then everything would be great in my world - words do not come too easily to me. So, let me stumble through this post. However, I get to talk about food here and friends and that is enjoyable.

Speaking of enjoyable, our Krause friends are back in town for the summer from Colorado. We love when Jillian arrives with her family as one, we know summer is finally here, and two, Jillian loves to talk recipes, create, lets me take heaps of photos, and she doesn’t mind our super teeny kitchen space. Our kids hang well and so do we! Last summer, Jillian brought over a tray full of freshly picked beautiful red juicy summer lovin’ strawberries and ingredients to make a berry bruschetta AND wait for it….strawberry margaritas. We seriously have some of the most awesome friends!

We are already planning for another al fresco recipe night with Jillian. There is talk of clam chowder and lobstah’s. Stay tuned!

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May Awakening

Hello from Newport Sea Salt Co.!

I am happy to report that with the arrival of the month of May, our City-by-the-Sea is starting to knock off the winter sleepies and extra layers. Well, we may be in less layers, however Matt is still tugging on his waders during collection time. Not shorts weather yet, friends - although very soon!

Two things I have realized:

1. I went into blog hibernation (sorry) .

2. I missed writing and taking pictures for our small business.

As the Spring season helps awaken mother nature, I am feeling a little bit awakened too! So, I will see you on here a bit more.

New Location!

I was able to join Matt on some deliveries today. The Cheese Wheel in Tiverton has welcomed us to their shelves. You can find a large array of high quality artisan cheeses, as well as an assortment of charcuterie, jams, and accompaniments and a multitude of local provisions like our sea salt and Beth Bakes Gluten Free Crackers and their own eggs….aren’t they lovely looking???!

Happy Spring and Stay Salty!

Start Your Day with Homemade Granola and a Sprinkle of Sea Salt

Start Your Day with Homemade Granola and a Sprinkle of Sea Salt

I love the Smitten Kitchen cookbook so much that I have post-it notes tagged on most of the 300 pages as reminders to get in the kitchen and try them out. Most of the recipes from Deb Perelman’s Smitten Kitchen cookbook uses simple ingredients and yields amazing results. Once you make a few dishes from her cookbook, you feel like a kitchen success. Well, I will speak for myself. (P.S. Deb Perleman has her second cookbook coming out soon! I can't wait!) Read on to hear about her amazing granola recipe....with our addition of sea salt!

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